How do you tell someone
that the pressure
they put on you
feels like the weight
of the entire world
when you’re having a
hard enough time
balancing on the already
too shaky tight rope?
Failing isn’t even an
option anymore
and if you do fall
there will be no one
there to catch you.
We are taught from
a very early age that
every second not
spent working is
simple laziness
and we are defined by
how well we balance out
all of these tasks without
collapsing to our knees.
I’m not saying that a
little pressure isn’t needed,
but beneath all of this
don’t forget how to breathe.
m.l.b, too much pressure (via traced-veins)

fuck-ing-hell asked:

Once you get this, you must PUBLICLY post 5 nice things about yourself. Then send to ten of your favorite followers.

This is tough shit wow. Ummm…

1. I have nice teeth
2. I am very blunt which is something I think is refreshing
3. I like to help others
4. I have good boobs? Haha I think DD’s are nice sometimes but that’s just me
5. I like to make food for people!

Yeah that’s the best I could do